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Rural Eco-Housing in Langoiran


Langoiran is a small town, 40 minutes far away from Bordeaux, ageing and very quiet, that wants now to become attractive for young couples from Bordeaux, who prefer living in the calm an fresh air of the country.

The town, situated on the border of the Gironde, has a long commercial past and the potential to be a new flourishing suburb in the next future, and it is now in complete renewal. The municipality’s program shows some important operations, like the requalification of   the riverside and a new sport center near the schools that will also have the new football stadium of the local team.

The area of the actual location of the stadium on the central axe of the town will be reorganized and become the last ground- rent of   the historical center.

The aim of the municipality is to be one of the first French towns for sustainability and environmental solutions, and this project has to be the lighthouse in this direction: an eco-quarter completely built in wood, with solar panels on the roofs   and all the technical solutions for energy saving.

The urban architectural concept is to develop singular housings, different in typologies and materials, built along/ around   a “common courtyard”, very local element that comes from the ancient farmhouses.

We recreated the same traditional system between two buildings blocks, lined up in staggered rows, that create inner and outer spaces, sometimes closed, where every house has its own main access and a private English garden in the backyard.

This configuration aligned on the road; give the same sense of continuity of   the old houses along the central axe of the town.

This typology of urban housing, wooden and low cost, is especially oriented towards young couples with children.

The spirit of the project is based on the concept of the inner court, a place to live, where children can play in safety while  parents can sit in the quite shadow of a linden tree.

  • Type: Logements
  • State: DCE-Arrêté
  • Year: 2012
  • City: Langoiran
  • Client: Privé
  • Area: 8700 m²
  • Budget: 6 M€
  • Team: Thomas Panconi , Iris Menage
  • Delivery: Mission Complete